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Rivers Lunch Box Sol

Rivers Lunch Box Sol

A stainless steel lunch box perfect for outdoor picnics or hiking. The simple structure of just a main body and lid takes away the hassle during washing. Odours and colours of food are not easily transferrable to the lunch box due to the inert characteristic of stainless steel. 700ml is a very good volume for all types of food, from crusable croissant to slow cooked beef ragout. Since we all need a lunch box, we happen to have the one you should have. * Due to the material characteristics of the product and the painting process, there may be small scratches or fine painting unevenness.


Capacity: 700ml

Weight: Approximately 283g

Size: W176 x D121 x H62 (mm)

Raw material: Stainless steel (main body, lid, fastener) / Silicone rubber (lid, fastener)


* Electronic The range / dishwasher cannot be used.

* Rubber fasteners are not included in the silver color.

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