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We can produce for you,
your very own canned coffee.


Smitten Rare Filter Coffee Cans
Smitten Funky Filter Coffee Cans
Smitten Bright Filter Coffee Cans
bold can 2-PhotoRoom_edited.jpg
Smitten Bold Filter Coffee Cans

tell me more about the cans!


  1. hot brewed black filter coffee


2. ​2-year shelf life  at ambient temperature


3. delicious enjoyed   warm or chilled

4. 100% brewed and canned in Singapore

5. in 250ml cans

why can with us?


1. manageable MOQ       as low as 1000 cans

2. long shelf life to   ease stress on  inventory 

3. free local delivery

how does OEM canning work?

1. choose from a range  of our available recipes then put your labels on.

2. else send us your roasted coffee and develop a recipe together at a cost. Then, voila, your very own cans are ready to roll!

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