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Thailand Pangkhon Satitkun Honey

Thailand Pangkhon Satitkun Honey

Immensely excited to introduce one of our first few Thai origins! This year's August, we made a trip to Northen Chiangrai and were given the honour to judge in their local greens competition. All thanks to Putter from Goosehouse Coffee who pushed forward all these advancement projects for the farmers in the village and the expedition to the North was worthwhile with the treats of all these yummy and juicy coffees presented by the participants. 


This particular one reminds us of a good washed African origin. Smooth, burst with blueberry and strawberry at the  same time gentle to palette. Without us knowing, almost the whole cup is gone!

  • Coffee information:

    region : Pangkhon, Chiangrai

    variety : mixed

    processing : honey

    altitude  : 1300masl

    producer : Satitkun

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