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Thailand Pangkhon Narongrit Honey

Thailand Pangkhon Narongrit Honey

Immensely excited to introduce one of our first few Thai origins! This year's August, we made a trip to Northen Chiangrai and were given the honour to judge in their local greens competition. All thanks to Putter from Goosehouse Coffee who pushed forward all these advancement projects for the farmers in the village and the expedition to the North was worthwhile with the treats of all these yummy and juicy coffees presented by the participants. 


This one is filled with spice factor! The prominent note of cinnamon and lemongrass makes it such a fun and unique cup. The adventure on the palette is soothed by some gentle citrusy acidity. We highly recommend this if you have always had certain perspective on South East Asian origins with their stereotypical herbal body! Might just be that one game changer?

  • Coffee information:

    region : Pangkhon, Chiangrai

    variety : mixed

    processing : honey

    altitude  : 1400masl

    producer : Narongrit

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