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BBX Espresso Blend

BBX Espresso Blend

A bold and comforting blend made of Brazilian Pau Cerrado Natural and Indonesia Sumatra Mandehling Semi Washed. A mainstay since we started back in 2011. A delicious everyday coffee. In black, moderate malic acidity with medium body. In white, sweet and easy to drink with coconut milk texture and notes of sugarcane.


  • Coffee information:

    Brazil Pau Cerrado Natural:

    region : Cerrado Mineiro DO

    variety :  catuai

    processing :  natural

    altitude  :  1100masl

    Indonesia Sumatra Mandehling G1 Triple Picked Semi Washed:

    region : Lake Toba, North Sumatra

    variety  :  mixed 

    processing :  wet hulled

    altitude :  1200-1500masl

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