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At the heart of the Comandante C40 grinder's success is its Nitro Blade burr. The Nitro Blade burr is highly wear-resistant and made using a special high-alloyed, high-nitrogen martensitic steel that Comandante developed. Tiny micro blades are cut on the tips of the burrs' Z-teeth to give ultra sharp burr entry. This results in a highly even grind size distribution regardless of whether you're grinding for an espresso or pourover. And of course, the more even your grounds are, the more even your extraction will be, and that's how we get a cup of kickass coffee.

Comandante is a marriage of style and functionality -- it's not only powerful, it's also beautiful. Apart from the standard black, the Comandante grinder also comes in 6 other finishes, including American Cherry, Burgundy, Cobalt and so on.

One of the key improvements that Comandante made with its MK4 model is the introduction of the unbreakable polymer jar. Made from BPA-free plastic, the lightweight new jar makes travelling with the Comandante even more fuss-free, as you no longer have to worry about breakages on the move.

Smitten has been distributor for Comandante Grinder in Singapore since 2020.

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