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Bentwood is a Swiss company, with their grinders designed in Germany and produced in Italy.

The Bentwood Vertical 63 boasts step-less grind adjustment based on micron size. The innovative vertical burr layout and removable spout reduces retention to a minimum and lab analyses has shown that its particle size distribution rivals that of the EK43. The Vertical 63 is able to handle grinding from super fine all the way to extra coarse -- great for both espresso and filter. There are two ways to grind -- grind by time or pre-weighted single dosing. More importantly, the powerful motor is supported by a double ventilation system that keeps the grinder cool no matter how hard you work it -- extremely important for getting the best taste out of your coffee.

Bentwood grinders are designed to be extremely versatile to meet all of modern coffee bar's needs, while also being aesthetically attractive with premium finishing.

Smitten has been distributor for Bentwood Grinders in Singapore and Malaysia since 2020.

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