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Giesen Coffee Roasters are built for the most discerning speciality coffee professionals. The machines are engineered with the latest technology in roasting, which is easy to use and gives the roaster full control to bring out the best out of each roast.

​Coming in a wide range of sizes that support sample roasting (50-200g) all the way to large-scale production (140kg), and offering options to roast in gas or electric, you can be sure to find a suitable Giesen for any of your roasting needs. Giesen also allows full customisation of the look of its roasters -- from the body paint, to roof colour, accent colours and wood style, you can truly custom make a roaster of your dreams to suit the interiors of your cafe or roastery. The Giesen Profiler makes production roasting a breeze as you can record and reproduce specific roasts effortlessly.

Smitten has been working with Giesen since 2011 to distribute the brand in Singapore and the region.

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