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Kees van der Westen

If there's an espresso machine that combines art and state of the art technology, it's a Kees van der Westen. In our eyes, the sleek lines of a Kees van der Westen invoke the sophistication and beauty of car engines. And it's high on performance too -- Kees van der Westen machines are engineered to deliver consistently great coffee in demanding commercial settings. It's no wonder they sit on the bars of some of the best specialty coffee joints in the world. Offering 4 signature models -- Spirit, Speedster, Mirage and the newest Slim Jim -- you'll be able to find the perfect espresso machine to suit your cafe's output.

Each Kees van der Westen espresso machine is still handcrafted in its Netherlands workshop till today since its humble beginnings in 1984! It's an absolute visual treat to trace the evolution of its designs since Day 1, and see how its steam punk and art deco influences has evolved over the years.

Smitten has been distributor for Kees van der Westen in Singapore since 2011.

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